Voltage Line Conditioner

Voltage Line Conditioner

Power distribution system face major faults, imbalance conditions, instability and forced outages in Pakistan from the last few decades. The reasons are the poor protective system, unbalanced load, aged and improper infrastructure and short fall in power generation than demand. Besides other technical issues, voltage fluctuations and very poor voltage profile are observed in the rural as well as urban areas of Pakistan. The customer end voltages normally fluctuate between 20 Volts to 270 Volts in summer season and peak hour duration where as the requirement is 220 Volts constant. The voltage fluctuations at such high frequency impacts badly the efficiency and useful life of equipment and home appliances.

RCO Engineering provides the solution by installing LINE CONDITIONER at your premises, which enables the appliances to function smoothly, and hence extending their life.

Benefits of Line Conditioner

  1. Failure prevention
  2. Production continuity
  3. Cutting-edge technology
  4. Top quality materials and components
  5. Personalised assistance
  6. Output accuracy
  7. High efficiency
  8. High power
  9. Prolongs the life of appliances

Features Of Line Conditioner

  1. Heavy Duty Servo Motor based.
  2. LED Indication for input and output.
  3. One year warranty

Technical specifications:

Single Phase

Three Phase