Solar Solution

RCO Engineering has partnered with globally renowned international technology partners for offering solutions that are efficient, full warranted, robust & sustainable. We qualify various international standard tests.
We Provide Solutions in competitive pricing, provide free surveys and consultations by our renowned engineers.
We also offer Hybrid & On Grid Solutions with Net Metering up to 1 Megawatt.
Offering Solutions for:
  • Residential Households.
  • Commercial Sector
  • Industrial Sector

Save up to 100% on your Monthly Electricity Bill
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Our Technology Partners

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RCO Engineering provides custom solar power solutions designed to reduce electricity costs for homes and business owners. Focused exclusively on serving customers in all cities of Pakistan.

In addition to this we have in-house design teams and solar power experts providing custom, affordable solar solutions for homeowners and businesses in Pakistan. From an initial consultation to turning on a new solar power solution, we do solar right.

Get the peace of mind of working with an experienced local solar installer that will be around for the life of your system!

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service at every stage of your solar installation, and it shows in how our customers feel about us.

How Solar Works?

Deciding whether solar panels are right for your home is just part of the process.  We will help you understand what is involved in the design and installation. Our experienced team can help you understand solar technologies and options.  We work with major manufacturers, so we’ll find the equipment that’s right for you.

Power Generation through Panels

Most people know what a solar panel is, since it is the most visible part of any solar power solution. Solar panels capture sunlight and turn it into electricity, but not all panels are created equal.  RCO Engineering works with top manufacturers, each with their own, unique benefits.  We will recommend panels that match your goals and budget.

Solar Power Solutoin Are More than Just Panels

Inverters convert the power of the panels to power you can use.  There are different types and brands of inverters, and again, not all inverters are created equal.  We can recommend the best technology for your application. RCO Engineering has extensive experience in all aspects of solar power, from initial design, to powering up your solution, to securing available credits and incentives.

When Is the Best Time to Go Solar? NOW !

Solar benefits begin as soon as your solar power solution is turned on.  And those solar advantages can last for decades.

RCO Engineering will show you how you can maximize the benefits of solar power in Pakistan.

Home Solar Power Solution Benefits

  1. Lowering or eliminating your electricity bill: Once you have used your savings to pay for your solar power solution, there are virtually no costs for the power your system generates.  RCO Engineering can show you how much you will likely spend on electricity over time and how much solar can save you.  Our solar power systems will typically save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in electricity costs over the life of the system!
  2. Protecting you from increases in electricity rates: Electricity costs can be volatile and generally increase over time. By reducing or eliminating the amount of electricity you purchase from the grid, you are protecting yourself from future utility rate increases.
  3. Increase Your Property Value: Studies have shown that solar power solutions can increase the value of a home when compared to a similar home without a solar power solution. Solar power saves you money while increasing the value of your home.
  4. Better For The Environment: Every year, 293 billion kilowatt hours of solar energy hit the Earth, but only a small fraction of the energy used in Pakistan comes from this clean and free source of energy. RCO Engineering is dedicated to installing solar panels that produce clean, safe, and reliable energy every day.

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